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das hatte ich mal auf mbworld gefunden:

Racecar for Sale .CLK DTM Prototype, mod 05, AMG factory car, drivers:
Alesi and Bernd Schneider, four times DTM champion. The car was actually built to drive V.I.Ps around the race tracks .After building the prototype, AMG decided to start a limited edition series of 100 cars. The CLK is pictured in the Mercedes Book.

This monster in Orange is the testing and development car with the latest engine from AMG, the strongest V8 6.3 in the world. The aim with its 510 PS and 630 Newton meter torque. No compromises for mass production, this car is the best for sports. The result represents Mercedes-prevention? No ESP, comfort equal to zero, spoiler and wings at every corner, in all forms. Inside a massive dominated rollbar? . These two bucket seats, six-point harness, the upper part of the dashboard Combined with a digital display and the center console Carbon covered with rocker switches. The start button is located further forward next to the automatic setting: P, R, N and D. will appear exclusively manually via paddles behind the alcantara steering wheel. Thoughts on the starter button. The starter is howling briefly, then returns to the V8 sound to speak and choked off all conversation? The kick of the 6.3-liter naturally aspirated engine at startup pushs me even deeper in the seat than the broad six-point belts already done. The first curve is to the right, braking and exact steering brings the first glance. The wild CLK DTM twitches with the tail and makes these rudimentary transverse. Because at the rear axle differential lock is built-in sliding mode. Under load, at full throttle, then distributes carefully at the wheel with most grip. It reminds us of a successful synthesis of C-Class Mercedes and a Ferrari Enzo - crying out for more:

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