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123er 500CE AMG Prospektfahrzeug wird verkauft (MB-Exotenforum)

verfasst von bornit201(R), 80er Jahre Mercedes Benz Tuningprospektesammelzentrale, 31.05.2018, 06:32



Mileage: 43,730

Color: Candy Apple Red

New arrival. This is a very special authentic 1983 500CE AMG one-off W123 factory show car. Mercedes showed this exact car at the 1984 Paris Motor Show and in the AMG catalogs in its infancy. The current (and original) owner liked it so much, she bought it on the spot and had it imported into the US. Heavily bespoke, this car features an AMG-modified M117 V8, supple full-leather interior (including dash and custom door panels) sourced from Rolls Royce, well-bolstered Recaro Ideal-C seats with contrast piping, AMG suspension, AMG ground effects, AMG five-spoke wheels color-coded to the exterior with lips color-coded to the interior, Hi-Fi Dolby sound system, and a deeply vibrant pearlescent candy paint job. Original paint, miles, everything. The actual VIN is WDB12324312016653.Our site posts content to many other sites all over the world.

Wer im Schlachthaus sitzt, sollte nicht mit Schweinen werfen.
Edelrost Stahlfrei.
Egel wieviele CDs Du hast Gottlieb Daimler hatte Mercedes.
Gruß mit winkendem Stern, Bornit201


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