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And for complete information about the car with label E65 (MB-Exotenforum)

verfasst von Capitan(R) Homepage, 06.08.2017, 22:23

» » I understand. Thank you
» » Please send me Ahamad's phone number
» » In private messages on Drive2
» »
» » Thank you
» No dear, YOU find me on Benzclub or Drive2.

I do not see the problem. Well, I'll find you

And for complete information about the car with label E65
Read the comments from Yura.
New details appeared.
Including fairy tales about technical maintenance on the Brabus


Mercedes-Benz Club of Ukraine
Garage: http://www.drive2.ru/users/capitan/
w211 E350 4m '08 + w140 S500L '98 + C123 230CE "82


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