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Thanks for your reply (MB-Exotenforum)

verfasst von Capitan(R) Homepage, 05.08.2017, 12:03

» Hi Dmitry,
» I think you have been in Hattingen?
» You have seen the car?
» As Arkady 036 wrote, this is a totally original car.
» The owner`s name was named hier.
» You can try to contact him.
» I have no doubt this car is a one of a kind!
» It is what the badges promise!
» Best regards,
» Ralf

Hi! Dear and respected Ralph!

I was not in Hattingen 2017.
My future plans - SS2019 with my C123, after the restoration.

Ahmad's car was seen by YuriCoupe, Romanmers, EgorEgorov.
The guys you know well.

They gave me the photos and their big doubts,

Thanks for your reply

Mercedes-Benz Club of Ukraine
Garage: http://www.drive2.ru/users/capitan/
w211 E350 4m '08 + w140 S500L '98 + C123 230CE "82


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