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Hm.... (MB-Exotenforum)

verfasst von 036(R), 05.08.2017, 10:45

Forget this car. Not your Price range. We talking 6 numbers, and the first one is not 1. How crazy is this price? Well, considering the price of "new" Bodo´s 6,5 which was sold to Moscow for ca. 300.000 Euro ( and this black car is far from perfection, don´t get why you take is as reference) this pricetag is ok.
Your postition in this story is wrong- noone HAVE to proof to YOU the originality of this car. As soon as you show the money you´ll get all the papers. Asking around is not the way to proof anything. I can give you Ahmad´s mobile and you can ( if your english is good enough) talk to him.



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